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With this service we hope to create the trading place on the web for Volvo 480's. Everyone is free to place an advertisement for his or her Volvo 480 here, no matter in what country the car is for sale. These advertisements will be viewed by enthusiastic and caring fans, increasing the chance that your car will be well maintained in the future.

If you are looking for a Volvo 480, and hate those little advertisements where you can learn nothing about the state or even the color, then this is the perfect place for you to look for a Volvo 480. We hope you will find your awesome 480 here!

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2021-08-29 For sale Mechanics    Vente boîte automatique Volvo 480 ZF , bon état
À débattre
€ 250.00 Slovakia (Slovak Republic)  
2020-11-11 For sale Mechanics    Engine Volvo 480 Turbo B18FT
Most likely the only engine with 20000km original, stored since 1990 and no...
€ 500.00 Italy  
2020-05-28 Wanted Mechanics    Recherche silent bloc pour Volvo 480 s 2 liters automatique n* 466003
Recherche silent bloc principal pour Volvo 480 S 2 liters automatique n * 4...
 Slovakia (Slovak Republic)  
2020-05-13 For sale Mechanics    Boîte automatique Volvo 480 S
€ 250.00 Slovakia (Slovak Republic)  
2020-03-31 For sale Mechanics    Sell automatic gear box
€ 400.00 Slovakia (Slovak Republic)  
2017-03-07 Wanted Mechanics    Radiator for 1990 480 ES
2016-08-26 Wanted Mechanics    In quest for an engine mount
Looking for a front engine mount of ref. 3417259 to revive my dear ES.
 The Netherlands  
2016-04-28 Wanted Mechanics    injectors for volvo 480es 1.7 106hp
If anyone got what I need, please wrote me on
2016-04-27 Wanted Mechanics    Need a radiotor fan for 92 turbo
Help. I'll have to sell/ scrap this car if I can't get one soon as tax and ...
 United Kingdom  
2015-03-25 For sale Mechanics    1989 480ES 1.7i - spares or repair. Black. Still runs and drives.
Owned for 12 years. Standing for last 5. Still runs and drives, but needs b...
€ 600.00 France  
2013-03-16 Wanted Mechanics    Oil pressure sensor [14mm thread/2 pin] for a Volvo 480 2.0l with optional aux gauge fitted.
 United Kingdom  
2012-07-26 Wanted Mechanics    clutch cable for k reg 480 es
hello all,would anyone have a clutch cable for sale,and a cem unit would be...
 United Kingdom  
2012-04-26 For sale Mechanics    Engine with Gearbox complete (without alternator and Motronic)
Hi Guys,
ich have a 1986 ES. Ask me for Motor Number etc. There is not...
2012-01-23 Wanted Mechanics    Rear anti-roll bar brackets for Volvo 480
One of the brackets holding on the anti-roll bar at the rear of my 480 has ...
 United Kingdom  
2011-11-09 Wanted Mechanics    
Desperately looking for crank sprocket from any of the 1721 engines. cash w...
 United Kingdom  
2011-07-20 For sale Mechanics    L reg 480ES all parts
running 480 ES email me
 United Kingdom  
2011-07-08 Wanted Mechanics    
I´m looking for a part for my Volvo 480.
Original part# 3343543-9 name...
€ 25.00 Austria  
2010-11-19 For sale Mechanics    Dismounted two good working volvo 400 Turbo Intercooling 1.8 liter engines
2010-11-17 For sale Mechanics    Breaking for spares all parts available except gearbox, engine can be heard/seen running1989 480
Hi I am breaking one of my 480's all parts available apart from the gearbox...
 United Kingdom  
2010-11-07 For sale Mechanics    

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