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With this service we hope to create the trading place on the web for Volvo 480's. Everyone is free to place an advertisement for his or her Volvo 480 here, no matter in what country the car is for sale. These advertisements will be viewed by enthusiastic and caring fans, increasing the chance that your car will be well maintained in the future.

If you are looking for a Volvo 480, and hate those little advertisements where you can learn nothing about the state or even the color, then this is the perfect place for you to look for a Volvo 480. We hope you will find your awesome 480 here!

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2015-02-24 Wanted Interiour    Searching 2 Front seats leather in very good conditions.
I am searching two front seats in leather made.

Very good condit...
 200.00 France  
2015-02-09 Wanted Interiour    RETRACTABLE COVER
Retractable boot luggage cover / roller blind wanted.
2015-01-07 Wanted Interiour    parts for 480 wanted
Looking for the plastic cover that goes over the boot and petrol flap relea...
 United Kingdom  
2013-10-16 Wanted Interiour    Dashoboard Volvo 480 ES 1.7 1992
2013-07-02 Wanted Interiour    Armrest Cup holder
I'm searching for a armrest cup holder for Volvo 480.
Maximum price I ...
2012-01-23 Wanted Interiour    Looking for some interior and exterior parts, very vital for me :/
Hello there 480 lovers,
First of all i want to say that i love my 480....
2012-01-14 Wanted Interiour    Door lining molding (door closer grab handle) for left door.
Would buy the whole door lining including the pull handle if necessary.
 United Kingdom  
2011-10-04 Wanted Interiour    Front seat belt holders are needed
Front seat belt holders are needed (pos 5 on the picture).
Any condit...
2011-04-06 For sale Interiour    Interiour Parts from 1995 480 Turbo and 1996 480 Celebration

1 complete set of Volvo 480 celebration leather front ...
 United Kingdom  
2011-01-13 For sale Interiour    armrest with cupholders
 The Netherlands  
2010-09-14 For sale Interiour    Seats and Door cards for 2 tone 480
seats and door cards from 2tone 480 all in perfect condition except for bit...
 150.00 Ireland  
2010-05-28 Wanted Interiour    Set of carpets for a 1994 480 red Turbo
Interior carpets wanted for a red 1994 480 Turbo
 United Kingdom  
2008-08-28 For sale Interiour    Volvo original (Momo) sport steering wheel
Anyone interested an a Volvo original (Momo) sport steering wheel with hub ...
2008-07-20 For sale Interiour    2.0 parts from 1992-94 models.
Please copy and paste the link to see more parts : http://www.jameselwood.p...
 United Kingdom  
2007-11-27 Wanted Interiour    Arm Rest With Bottle Holder
Hi! I'm looking for an Arm Rest With Bottle Holder for my 480!! I'm very in...
2007-08-27 For sale Interiour    Very exclusive Paris interiour
This interiour comes from a paris blue 480 'Paris' edition. And is very exc...
 299.00 The Netherlands  
2007-07-02 Wanted Interiour    Driver's seat lever to access the back seat
Currently, i cannot access the back seat of my car from the driver's side a...
 United Kingdom  
2007-06-09 Wanted Interiour    Interior handle/arm rest on driver's door.
Wanted, the soft plastic handle/arm rest on the interior of the driver's do...
 United Kingdom  
2007-03-27 Wanted Interiour    VOLVO 480 PLASTIC BOOT TRAY/LINER
Hi I m wanted a VOLVO 480 PLASTIC BOOT TRAY/LINER for my white Turbo . ...
2007-01-26 Wanted Interiour    480 gt drivers seat or interior
 United Kingdom  

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